The Homestead

Jen and her family bought their homestead in 2022 with the big idea of creating a more sustainable way of living and healing. Their focus is on regenerative agriculture where all animals and plants work in harmony and foster a beautifully diverse ecosystem. 

The homestead has big visions for fostering a deeper connection to nature, which supports Jen’s clients with trauma recovery. The homestead offers the ability to ground in nature and feel the connection and presence with the animals.

Regenerative Farming

Jen and her wife, Jess are expanding their diversity of animals. They have been raising their own meat birds and culling them on the land. They have a variety of laying hens and receive a bouquet of coloured eggs daily. They have a sheep, named Bailey and her companion: the dairy cow, Daisy. There are also two dogs; Minnie and Mikka. They are often the greeters and couch sharers. There are two cats: Marshall and New Kitty. They often make an appearance with visitors as well. All the animals are very friendly and teach us so much about unconditional love.

Jen and Jess are also busy expanding their gardens and opening up the garden to Jen’s clients to teach about produce and what makes a healthy gut. This is what fosters the healthy relationship between the brain and stomach.

Activities and retreats

The homestead has so much to offer with a glamping option, bonfires, yoga, hiking trails, lots of wildlife and agriculture. The bonus is that each season offers something new and different to the visitors.

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