Hi, I'm Jen.

Jen is a psychotherapist and Shamanic Practitioner. Her practice is focused on natural healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Jen moved her practice to her homestead when she is more immersed in nature and offers workshops and ceremonies on her land. There are many animals and teachings from the land that aid in the reconnection to self. These teachings are integral in the healing process. Jen and her family are regenerative farming and learning the ancient practices of connecting to the land and building healthier lifestyles.

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Jen specializes in counselling for trauma recovery, anxiety and depression management, and spiritual awakening. Jen runs ongoing workshops and trainings for meditation, yoga, trauma, and professional development.


Ground yourself in nature

Jen has big ideas about creating a more sustainable way of living and healing, that's why she and her family purchased the homestead.

When you visit Jen, you can't help but notice the focus on regenerative agriculture where all animals and plants work in harmony and foster a beautifully diverse ecosystem.

The Homestead

The homestead has big visions for fostering a deeper connection to nature, which supports Jen’s clients with trauma recovery.

It has so much to offer with a glamping option, bonfires, yoga, hiking trails, lots of wildlife and agriculture.


Let's be friends

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