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Jen has focused her practice on trauma recovery, which integrates both teachings and wisdom of Western and Eastern practices. Jen has studied and taught therapeutic yoga along side traditional therapies. Her primary focus is supporting clients through the bonds of their Shadows, but invigorating and sparking the Light within. Jen views healing from the spiritual lens while integrating shamanic practices and ceremonies.

Jen’s focus is on holistic healing and she encompasses a variety of holistic modalities such as: somatic movement, therapeutic yoga, plant medicines, animal and nature healing, as well as, a therapeutic working relationship.

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Jen's Background

Jen has been exploring Eastern, Western, and Indigenous teachings since a young age. She’s explored various healing modalities, but the most important has been her inner work. She approaches life from the lens of spiritual growth and the souls’ evolution.

Jen completed her Master of Social Work in 2011 alongside roughly 100 hours of Yoga Teacher trainings. Jen has been focusing on psychedelic healing and using jungle medicines - Repeh and Sacred Tobacco. Jen most passionate exploration has been in her shamanic practitioner work as it is more rooted in the wisdom of our spirit and expanding our consciousness.

Jen’s main focus is supporting her clients with healing their past trauma’s (generational, past lives, childhood, and acute) to help them evolve into their Authentic Self. Jen firmly believes that every client is their own “healer” and her role is to be a support in your healing journey. Jen’s wisdom and experience comes from a history of her own healing work and her focus is living and standing in her own authentic truth and sovereignty. 

Learn About Jen's Services

Jen offers clinical counselling services utilizing a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Jen also runs workshops and events for mental health, yoga, and spirituality. 


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